WAIT WHAT?! – Physical and Emotional Health

In the grand scheme of things, a small time of gloominess here and there may seem irrelevant. On the contrary,  depression over a junior high and/or high school period may be detrimental in your later years. Though the age 82 may seem miles away for you and I, when you’re there, your life will have felt like a blink. Physical and emotional health is a necessary concern that all of us should make a top priority.

To begin with, keeping a positive outlook on life and the things in it will improve physical health. Call me cheesy, but it’s the truth. Living in a constant cloud of self-pity will get you nowhere. Life is meant to be more than just your problems. Your existence will have ups and downs; that is the whole point! Making it through the hard times will make your life fuller, happier, and more pleasant rather than miserable.

In addition,  physical activity works just as well in helping emotional states improve. Say you just had a  fight with your closest sibling and you left each other red in the face and fuming. A good sprint would calm you down and help you think through your actions. Running can help you shake the anger and feed good chemicals by putting your body under the right strain. What I mean by that is, the strain you put yourself under when you are angry can leave you emotionally tired and upset. The feeling of physical restraint is much more satisfying and can cause better sleep habits, which also improves health.

In conclusion, physical and emotional health are connected. If you aren’t paying attention to the way you are treating your body now, your health in your later years can drop. Remember to stay positive, Grizzlies!


By: Tessa Geigle

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