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HOT TOPIC: Composition Notebooks vs Spiral Notebooks


Did you look at your class’ supplies lists, did you see a combination of composition and spiral notebooks? More and more teachers are using composition notebooks instead of spiral notebooks. I now have a question for you, is that a bad thing? This is an ongoing argument that I’ve heard many people have. Although there are pros and cons to both, spiral notebooks will always lead in my opinion. Examples of pro’s for spiral notebooks are; many believe that spiral notebooks’ are bigger than composition books and allow for more writing room especially since spiral notebooks can- similar to composition notebooks- come in both college and wide-ruled line spacing. A few other pros of having a spiral notebook vs a composition notebook would be that spiral notebooks have three holes in them so that you can have the pleasure of placing and locking your notebook into your binder for both easy access and, because of the protection of your binder, papers will be harder to be ripped and/or folded. Even though there are plenty more pros to having a spiral notebook there are also a couple cons. As an example, if you flip through pages- in or out of a binder- to fast some may end up caught on the metal binding in the middle. If that happens you could also rip one or more pages because spiral notebooks have those fragile, pre-cut pages. On another note, composition notebooks have hard to tear out pages which can be a pro or con depending on your preference. As a result of having firm pages when you get a new composition notebook the front cover can easily get bent as well as bounce back at you. Composition notebooks are far smaller than spiral and therefore don’t take up as much space as a spiral notebook would in your backpack. In the end, spiral notebooks are top notch and more convenient in my opinion. Nevertheless composition notebooks and their users deserve fair credit as well.


By: Peyton Erb

Photo Credits: Lucky Little Learners

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