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GREATEST BOOK OF ALL TIME – The Land of Stories Book Review

Have you ever heard of a book series called The Land of Stories? If you haven’t you are totally missing out and I highly recommend you check it out. Chris Colfer, the author of this marvelous and absolutely incredible book series, is an extremely skilled and experienced author. This high-action, fantasy-fiction seven book series definitely deserves the credit, recognition, and high-praise it gets. The Land of Stories has grade interest levels at fourth- eighth and has reading levels of third- fifth grade. More than one million copies have been sold and this series has been translated into 16 different languages, including English. According to an interview done by Wendy Donahue for the Chicago Tribune, Chris Colfer has always had a love for fairytales- but who doesn’t these are the stories we grew up loving. In the interview Chris says that he was seven or eight but only planned for it to be one book until the first book in the series- The Wishing Spell– was such a huge success it was then he decided to make it a series. In his series Mr. Colfer gives us his insight and spin-off of fairy tales, such as; Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, exc. For example all of the characters who live in those stories now live in one world as well as the villians and other more minor characters in all the classic fairy tales. In fact the two main protagonist’s- Alex and Connor Bailey- are able to go into this fairytale world, where they will have to; endure epic battles, handle the loss of beloved family members, create new friendships, meet some helpful stalkers, and more! Now it wouldn’t be much fun if all they could do is watch the stories right, well don’t worry Alex and Connor also get to help conduct these spin-off fairy tales. So if I may suggest you go check out this thrilling book series. I promise you won’t regret traveling into The Land of Stories.


By: Peyton Erb

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