Roaming the halls, overhearing conversations between class periods, Avey Schulz and her trusty camera are watching students adapt and get used to the junior high way of life.

DSCN0368 (1)
Hannah Horstman, 7, spends her lunch hour outside at the picnic tables with her friends. Laughing and eating, she likes the little time at school that’s not filled with classes.
That kid
David Mack, 7, waits for the bell to ring outside of Hallway G. With his friends, he makes jokes, talks, and hangs out until the bell rings and its every man for himself to get inside. 
DSCN0424 (1)
Quincy Munson, 7, enjoys her lunch by eating a pretzel from the A-la-Cart. With the power of cheese, she happily dines and waits for an interesting conversation to spark.


Katie Niehaus, 7, sits at a different lunch table and makes some friends. She is never afraid to meet someone new. Even though she has many new friends, Katie hangs with her old friends as well.


These two friends spend their time together as they wait for class to begin. As the time ticks, they converse, talk to their friends, and wait for the battle to get inside.
Matthew Gibson, 7, sits and wants to savor his time from the hot weather outside. He, like everyone else, is tired of the heat and hopes the cooler weather is on the way.

By Avey Schulz

Photo Credits: Avey Schulz and

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