SCRIBBLE SCRIBBLE – Should Doodling in Class Be Allowed?

In class, during note-taking time, many students rely on doodling to get them through it. Whether it’s a quick scribble or a full-on Picasso, students claim that drawing on their work helps them remember their notes better, and aids their thought process as well as their attention span.

Many teachers in schools across the U.S. have banned doodling on class notes and homework, saying that those who are drawing are goofing off and not paying attention. When asked what they think, two students and two teachers responded with different opinions.

Carter Gianetti, a seventh grader at GrJHS, says, “As long as it’s not distracting from class, I think doodling is okay.” Mr. Conway, a seventh grade English teacher has a different view of the issue.

He responded, “Well, I do see value in artistic expression, and I do encourage students to draw as part of a lesson, but usually doodling in class is a distraction.” Another seventh grader, Josh Gulbrandson,  disagrees with Mr. Conway. He told the Grizzly Express that “the teachers should let you do it if you have time in class.” Mrs. Turley, a seventh grade social studies teacher and coach, said, “I know there’s a time and place for it, and some students do it because it helps them think, and as long as it doesn’t distract from note-taking, I’m fine with it.”

Personally, I think doodling in class is okay and should be allowed by teachers everywhere. In addition to being fun, it helps students think, remember notes, and become great artists!

By: Brig Larson

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