GET WITH THE SCHEDULE – Schedule Changes at GrJHS

When Ms. Kay calls your name on the announcements, do you dread the looming schedule change or do you welcome it with an acceptance to the new beginning? Some people wish to get a change of people-scenery, and others want to cling, literally, to the class they currently have. Ever since social studies had too many kids in 7th hour, tears have been shed (of joy or not), and teachers have smiled in satisfaction at their now reduced classes. But, 6th hour science is piling up to the sky. We can barely fit 39 bodies in that room. So the question remains, are the schedule changes benefiting anyone at all?

Going to a new school or going back to school can be stressful, but at least you can have a map and a schedule that has all of your classes laid out for you…or so we thought. The week of August 21- 24, many students got their schedules changed and/ or rearranged. This leaves some teachers relieved, and some teachers stressed. Most of the students who got a schedule change were left confused, stressed, maybe upset or even annoyed.

Out of the 900+ students that attend GrJHS, 100 to about 150 kids had a schedule change. Written down on paper, those numbers don’t seem to big, but those hundred or more students’ problems have impacted the whole school. Chances are, either one of your close friends or even yourself was called up to the office during those few crazy days of anxious waiting and multiple trips to the infinite campus website. Though it may not look like there are any bright sides in this schedule-changing situation, you can at least be grateful you have your infinite campus login memorized now.

The fact that students have had their schedules recently altered, has caused both glee and outrage at GrJHS. While many students are glad that they have a more convenient schedule or classes, some students who got a change of schedule have more crowded classes or more homework in a particular subject.Several students are also getting confused as to where they are going. The cause of this is an unfamiliar schedule, and this could unfairly cause tardiness and 8th hour for many students.

A numerous amount of kids have gotten schedule changes because of so many people being at our campus. We know, our school’s amazing. Even though that may sound like a good thing, to teachers or even the students. We’ve have had a widespread of students get schedules changes, but some classes are still getting cluttered with students! Some math classes now have more kids than they did before. As a result of all this, students are getting confused. They used to have their schedules memorized, but now they have no idea where they’re going. All these changes are so unexpected. So, if you get called to the office within the next few days, be prepared to either get a schedule change or pick up something your mom dropped off.

By: (in order from top to bottom) Tessa Geigle, Peyton Erb, Becky Wood, Brig Larson, and Lilly Wittek

Photo Credit: giphy.com


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