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Listen up Griz-nation, I’ve got a story to tell. Last night, August 23, around 7 o’clock a storm hit the Mesa-area in Arizona. And I was out, in the open, when it hit.

I was halfway through soccer practice when my coach told us to stop what we were doing and head to the pavilion. He had seen lightning, and I saw it too. It was one of those bolts that cut the sky, and it was really close.

As my team is huddled under a ramada, calling and texting parents to come pick us up, the rain picked up, along with the wind. I was soaking. Then, the lightning started. You may think that it already had, but this was real lighting. They type of lightning that changes the entire sky from white to grey and back, like a child playing with a light switch. The rain felt like bullets. I admit, some of my thoughts were along the lines of, “I might get struck my lighting! What the heck, this is like a scene from a suspense-filled movie!” Finally, I see my brother’s truck, sloshing through the water-filled streets.

“Our hero realizes that to get to the safety of the dry car, she must run. Out from under the ramada; in the rain and the wind, she must run. And she does.”

The wind was so strong, it actually pushed me sideways as I staggered to the car. Yanking the door open, I jumped in, then shut it real quick to keep the relentless rain out. But didn’t matter much, I alone had soaked the entire front seat. My brother threw my sopping bag in the back, and shifted the car into drive. Slowly, slowly, peering through the frantically-waving window wipers, we started driving. All the sudden, I heard a THUNK. I looked at my brother. He looked at me. He looked back at the road, then stopped driving. Our window wiper, on the driver’s side, had blown off!

“I can’t drive in this,” he said, “I can’t see anything.”

We pulled to the side of the road, making sure there were no trees near us. If the wind could blow off a windshield wiper, what could it do to a tree? We spent a good half-hour waiting for the storm to pass. My feet were really cold, and my sweaty clothes were sticking to me. I smelled like a wet dog. The whole car, in fact, smelled like a wet dog because my brother brought my two ride-loving dogs to come pick me up.

Eventually, we got back on the road. Creeping along the road ten miles an hour, we pulled into my driveway. My brother had driven the entire way home looking through my side of the window, where the window wiper was still attached. I hopped out of the car, fully prepared to run for my life, and feel…nothing. It’s barely sprinkling outside my house. There’s maybe one small puddle on our driveway.

I was shocked. Perhaps my crazy night had been a normal, even boring evening for some other person. Maybe you.

I will never forget the feeling of the wind pushing me down, or the view of lightning literally filling the sky, or the feel of my cold, wet feet. Never has a hot shower felt so good.

By Becky Wood

Photo Credits: rd.com

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