PRIDE is more than an acronym, 8th hour, or yes-boxes. Pride is a sense of dignity, self-respect, or loyalty. Do you have pride in GrJHS, and if you do, do show it?

You don’t have to be in a Student Council or participate in fundraisers every weekend to show your Grizzly pride. One simple way to show school spirit is to wear Greenfield colors or shirts on Fridays. That green blouse of “Game Day” tee can get you candy every Friday afternoon.

If you’re in AVID, then you know every Wednesday is College Day. You’ll see teachers wearing their university shirts each Hump Day, and you can, and should, too.

The best way to demonstrate your undying love for this awesome school is getting dressed up for Spirit Week! Yep, you heard me, Spirit Week will be going on September 10th through September 14th. The official schedule is: Malibu Monday, Twin Tuesday, Western Wednesday, Vans vs Converse Thursday, and Stay Fit Friday. A big shout-out to StuCo who makes this possible, and Mr. Yee for approving and supporting us.

Malibu is a famous beach in California, so expect lots of sunglasses and CA shirts on Monday morning. For Twin Tuesday, you’ll have to prepare Monday night. Text that group chat you spend all your time on or call up your best friend and make plans to wear matching clothes. Western  Wednesday is just like it sounds. Break out those cowboy boots and jeans from last Halloween or borrow a plaid shirt from your dad and go get ‘em, partner! I believe we’ll be in for a tense Thursday, with the Vans/Converse debate at its finest. Represent your favorite brand, but watch your back…Ah, finally, we’ve made it to Friday! Even though “Stay Fit” is a traditional Spirit Week theme, it’s always hilarious to see who can go all out for this wacky workout day. Sweatbands and running shoes are the way to go, seventh graders!

Listening to announcements and paying attention during assemblies (did someone say cookie dough?) are great ways to find out how to support GrJHS. But most of all, represent Greenfield by being the best person you can be, no matter if you’re on campus or not.


By: Becky Wood

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