DUMB DESKS – A Student’s Rant About Seats

In your classroom, the desks you sit in are easy to work in, but can be a curse when you try to leave in a hurry. In my opinion, the desks are bothersome, useless, and are hard to enjoy. I believe it would be easier to have separate desks and chairs. Some students agree while some disagree.

Jaiyden Dieterle, 7, agrees with me and says, “I’m used to being able to have leg space, but I guess these desks the desks help the room stay organized. I would still want to get rid of them.” Although there are both pros and cons, many student agree that there are more strong feelings against them.

Tamy Brown, 7, comments, “I would want the desks to switch back to the ones from last year. These ones are way too tight. Not being able to scoot in and back out drives me crazy!” I agree especially to the part about these desks driving me crazy. Nearly every time in class, as I go to pack up, I try to move my chair back, but end up taking my entire desk with me. I feel that we should change the desks.

Even though there are more cons than I can think of, there are definitely some pros as well. One being that you don’t have to remember to push your chair in. All last year, my teacher reminded our class to push in our chairs. Another pro, for the teachers, is that students can’t move around as much, which makes the classroom cleaner.Stray desks and/or chairs can’t be left out everywhere. To add to that, you never need to find extra chairs!

Though these desks can be hard to sit in, especially if you’re used to being able to scoot in and back up, they’re all part of the Junior High School experience. So, you may currently be stuck in one of these already mentioned horrible desks, but you can still enjoy today by reading more of our stories. I promise  it will CHAIR you up!


By: Avey Schulz

Photo Credits: theramiro.com

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