Profile- Emma Salvidge

Do you know someone named Emma? Probably, since it’s actually a common name. But, do you know someone named Emma Salvidge? If you don’t, you should definitely get to know her. If you can’t find her, here are some basic facts about Emma.

A proud Grizzly and seventh grader here at Greenfield Junior High, Emma is excited to finish her seventh and eighth grade years here. Some of Emma’s hobbies are watching YouTube, cooking, and drawing. Salvidge also knows how to sew and crochet. PE is her favorite subject and her PE teacher, Mrs. Hamon, who is also be her favorite teacher. Emma is an extremely active girl and absolutely loves playing soccer and doing karate. In fact, Salvidge is almost to a purple belt in karate, and it just so happens that purple is her favorite color. On our Grizzly soccer team, be sure to watch out for Emma, number seven, because she plays as a unmerciful defender.

Salvidge has a YouTube channel called Emma Studios where she does mostly vlogs but also some fun games. Emma is daughter to Steve and Sasha Salvidge. She has a little sister in fifth grade, Isabelle, and an eighth grade and fellow grizzly, Arwen. On top of that, Salvidge has a great dane, Abby, and a cat, Mystic. Oklahoma is Emma’s favorite place to be, because that is where her aunt and grandparents live. Emma hopes to go to college but is not but is not sure which college. Her dream job is to be a suicide prevention specialist but she’d be fine as a vet. As long as her career includes helping people and/or animals Emma will be happy.

I’ve had the blessing of knowing Emma since fifth grade, and I promise she definitely deserves all of this praise. Emma is one of the kindest, sweetest, smartest, and surprisingly competitive people I know, and I hope others have the pleasure of getting to know her.


By: Peyton Erb

Photo Credits: Peyton Erb(Not up yet)

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