LINE CLEARED – Tetris Review

In today’s world, where kids can’t keep their eyes off violent, extremely well-animated video games, many dismiss the 1984 video game “Tetris” as a joke. This classic block-matching puzzle game has simple graphics and no plot. The point of the game is to arrange the puzzle pieces into lines, which disappear and earn you a few points, without touching the top.

“Tetris” is a fantastic strategic game that encourages you to use logic and strategy. According to a study conducted by the Mind Research Network, published in Forbes magazine, as well as being extremely fun, the game also makes you smarter.

“Tetris” is a truly exquisite game that allows to use your brain in a way that is now almost all together lost in modern video games. Your brain will be scrambling with pleasure as you try to clear lines and stay away from the top. I would highly recommend that you play “Tetris”. The sheer simplicity and challenge of the game makes it, in my opinion, possibly the greatest video game of all time.

Interested in trying? “Tetris” is playable on both versions of the Xbox, Playstation (a new version of “Tetris”, titled “Tetris Effect” is being released for Playstation VR in the Fall), as well as a multitude of websites online. Be careful, though! You may find that once you start playing “Tetris,” you won’t be able to stop!

By: Brig Larson

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