We know, or should know, the rules about chromebook usage. Safe web navigation, digital footprint, lots of GSC vocabulary…you get the picture. Of course, some of us have happened to pick up a few chromebook hacks during our junior high experience, too. For this edition of “Know The Rules”, fire up your chromebook and get ready for some words of advice.

To copy, highlight the desired text and hold down “ctrl” then “c”. To paste, “ctrl” + “v”. Common knowledge, I know, but did you ever stop and wonder why it’s “v”, not “p” for paste? That’s because “p” is for print, and “ctrl” + “p” pulls up the page confirming your request to print. Another hack using the control button is taking a screenshot. Hold down “ctrl” and the key above 6 (the rectangle with two lines parallel on its right side). To open a new tab, hold down “t” and…you guessed it, “ctrl”. Yet say you don’t want more tabs, you just want to delete them. Then “ctrl” + “w” is for you. The last practical hack is “ctrl” + “alt” + “?”, a box, with shortcuts from caps lock to scrolling, which will solve any of your problems, hack-happy kids.

Now, for the fun hacks we’ve managed to scrape up. Hold down “ctrl”, “shift”, and the refresh button above 4 to rotate your screen 90°. Or, press “ctrl”, “shift”, “alt”, and the refresh symbol to spin your screen. Also, to switch to “high-contrast mode” click “ctrl”, the search magnifying glass, and “h”. (Yes, the hack has changed.)

I’m not going to go over background-changing because 1) we are technically not supposed to do it and 2) everyone knows how to do it. Funny how those two reasons go together. There is a shortcut though. Close your tabs so your mouse is on the background, then two-finger click. A box should pop up. From here you can adjust your wallpaper and your shelf. (Psst! What’s a “my shelf”? It’s the black bar with the time and icons like chrome, mail, and a few others. It’s usually at the bottom of your screen, until you read this article and move it.)

The best hack is literally at your fingertips, Google! Any questions you have can be answered there, and you don’t need me to tell you that. If you have any other tips or hacks you swear by, don’t stay quiet selfish hacker.


By: Becky Wood

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