Short Story – OH SWEET POTATO!

Abby Baker was a small-town girl living on a potato farm in Idaho. During the day, she would be in her mom’s bedroom getting home schooled with her older siblings or outside working on the farm. However at night, Abby would dream of going to a far away place. A place without potatoes. It’s not that she didn’t like potatoes, but living in a family of ten and eating potatoes for every meal got tiring.

Every night, when everybody had gone to sleep, Abby would stay up late and read fairy tales. She wasn’t always a big fan of the romance parts, but she loved the thrill-seekers and the adventures they went on. Usually, after an hour, Abby would fall asleep. One day, all that changed.

Abby woke up on a brisk Saturday morning and did her household chores. During lunch, she and a few of her siblings played with a ball they had found in a canal a few years back. They were  having fun tossing and catching it until Abby’s older brother, Dylan, threw the ball over her head and into a field. He pestered her until Abby surrendered and went to the potato field to find it.

She got on her knees and felt around near the place where it disappeared and felt something round and ball-shaped. She picked it up and instantly recognized it as a sweet potato or yam. Abby wondered why there was a sweet potato in a field of regular potatoes. She shrugged and turned it over to make sure that there was no mold before taking a bite off of the tip. Suddenly, Abby felt sick to her stomach and the world around her started spinning. She collapsed to the ground and squeezed her eyes shut.

When she opened her eyes, Abby smelled the sweet scent of mashed potatoes. An aroma that smells so good you can practically taste it. She propped herself up and looked at her farm. Everything was made out of potatoes! She heard her mother calling her name, so Abby yelled where she was. She looked down and tried to stand. When she looked up to her mom, she saw that her mom was also made completely out of potatoes. Abby’s mom grabbed her arm to help her up, but Abby tore her arm away and scrambled to stand. She sped to the door and tried pushing it in. Abby’s mom put her hand on Abby’s shoulder and slowly pulled the door open. Before Abby could run up to her room (which she assumed would be made out of potatoes as well), her mother laid her on the potato couch. She put her french fry fingers on Abby’s forehead to check her temperature, told Abby not to move and left to make her soup.

Abby laid on the couch. She gripped the sides and lifted her hand to reveal that it too was made out of mashed potatoes. She quickly dropped it as her mom brought in warm, creamy soup. Abby quickly ate it and her mother left. She stared up at the potato ceiling and fell asleep in a matter of minutes.

When Abby woke up, she expected to see the world as potatoes but saw a normal ceiling. She sat straight up and saw that her house was indeed, regular. She ran outside and saw everything was normal as well. Abby found her mom and hugged her, happy that she wasn’t made of potatoes. Abby sighed as she went back inside. She would never complain about potatoes ever again.


By: Avey Schulz

Photo Credits: http://dailypaleorecipe.com

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