In 1912, the RMS Titanic was sent to New York City, New York from Southampton, England. On April 12, the Titanic began its journey through the Atlantic waters. About four days into the trip, the great ship with 2,208 passengers, hit an iceberg at 11:40pm. At first, the passengers didn’t think much of it. However, at 2:00am, the ship was broke apart with well over a thousand people still on board. Lifeboats were being launched off the the Titanic “women and children first”. Two seemingly short hours later, the RMS Titanic sank. Another ship, the RMS Carpathia, was sent to sent to retrieve the remaining survivors. Sadly, only 705 were recovered.

Today, nearly 106 years later, the RMS Titanic still sits at the bottom of the seabed. Once a temporary home to the people on board, it is now a shelter to many varieties of fish. Beginning in May of 2018, diving trips are being taken to the wreck. This trip is a great opportunity to see the boat front-and-center. However, diving deep underwater and seeing the “Unsinkable Ship” does have a price. A diving trip to the RMS Titanic will cost more than $100 thousand almost as much as a first class ticket was for the boat back in 1912. So when you are older, and if you have the money, you may be able to go to the depths of the ocean and see an important piece of history.


By: Avey Schulz

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