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Other Article- Hurricane Florence

While living in Arizona, it is unlikely for a hurricane to blow in. However, states on the south, west, and east coastlines are not so lucky.

Hurricane Florence seemed to be moving toward both North and South Carolina. While still out in the middle of the ocean, Hurricane Florence’s winds ranged from Category 2-4 and when it first hit land it was a Category 1. Though, Florence soon weakened to a tropical storm.

The east coast was the most affected and the rainfall caused by Hurricane Florence broke the state record of 24 inches, of rain,  with 30 inches of rain. As Carolina’s rivers overflowed, 1,200 roads were closed off due to flooding. Houses were submerged in the treacherous waters and people had been found trapped in attics, second story rooms, and other spaces high up and closed off. Also at least 36 people died in both Carolinas. Thankfully, local, state, and federal officials saved hundreds of people from the water.

Generally, water is hard to see in the dark, therefore both Carolina’s put a curfew into motion. Yet, Hurricane Florence has been over for a little while and the curfew is now down. The curfew stated no one should be out be outside after 8pm or before 6am. Over 200 thousand people had no power or electricity. In an article by Sarah Mervosh, it was reported, “In North Carolina floodwaters swept away part of a wall holding back a pond of toxic substances and overran several lagoons of pig waste.”

Many people tried to help the Carolinas. For example, Arizona sent out a search-and-rescue team, on Tuesday, September 11, to help prepare for Hurricane Florence. The team consisted of 35 Phoenix Fire Department members, 10 support personnel, and enough equipment for a team of 80. The celebrities from Carolina, such as their National Football League team (The Panthers), their National Hockey League team (The Hurricanes), and their National Basketball Association team (The Hornets), were raising awareness and support for their homes. Just like President Trump said to everyone in both Carolina’s, “Please be prepared, be careful, and be SAFE.”

By: Peyton Erb

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