Over the summer, local seventh grader Brooklyn Olmstead went on a trip to Puerto Rico. On her trip, Brooklyn was able to participate in fun activities such as snorkeling in the reef and zip lining. Puerto Rico was definitely one of her favorite places, but was hard to adapt to. While there, Brooklyn encountered many people, some who could only speak Spanish and some who didn’t really like Americans. Thankfully, this didn’t stop her from having a good time. On a vacation-awesomeness scale, Brooklyn rated her time there as a perfect 10. Some advice from Brooklyn if you ever plan to go to Puerto Rico, is you should have fun and go snorkeling. Brooklyn had a good time on her five day trip, where she was able to find cute ocean creatures like sea turtles. Hopefully, you may have an opportunity like this someday. Until then, keep reading and have a good fall break.


By: Avey Schulz

Photo Credits: Avey Schulz

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