THE WHYS-Embedded Assessments

When the teacher introduces the new Embedded Assessments, what is going through your mind? Well, there are many great reasons that English teachers assign the dreaded essay. Embedded Assessments are both good and bad, although I am leaning towards the good side.

My personal opinion depends on the prompt I am given to write about. Heroes, the last topic given, I am very passionate about. In all seriousness, heroes in our everyday lives should be the most accounted for. The only reason I liked the hero Embedded Assessment is I love and respect the heroes in my life and feel they should be given a great deal more attention than they are now given.

Embedded Assessments help improve writing skills and set up students for possible future courses. The EA also assists students in broadening their minds. If the students reach for the reasons and dig deeper into the topic, then their minds will stretch and become better. The other side of the argument may seem a less mature angle, but 900 voices on our campus would speak against you.

When I asked Brynn Gudmundsen what she thought of the Embedded Assessment she said, “I hate them.” This may seem short sided, but Brynn backed up her opinion with the words, ”[It is a] long process with a lot of work.”

I am very certain that most of eighth grade is here at Greenfield Junior High would agree with Brynn. The EA seems like a very long, very boring, extremely useless waste of time. To add to that, it seems like it has NO real world application whatsoever. All of this can be countered, though, with a perspective focused on the future and both eyes looking forward.


By: Tessa Geigle

Photo Credits: Memedroid

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