SPOTLIGHT – Emma Jones

Emma Jones is a really cool teen and loyal friend. Emma is a 13 year-old eighth grader who loves math.

In her free time, Emma does things on her phone like Snapchatting, talking to her friends, and playing one of the most famous and popular games in the world, Fortnite Battle Royale. Jones loves the brands Zumiez and Vans. On a daily basis, you’ll find her wearing either checkered Vans or shoes of the same brand in another color or design.

Emma’s favorite color is purple. However, she does not wear this this color much. Another favorite is Asian food restaurants like Pei Wei and Panda Express. She also likes the rap genre like XXXTENTACION and Juice Wrld. Emma’s favorite sport is soccer, even though she doesn’t play.

When asked the question, “If you could only have one sense what would it be?” Emma answered sight because, “everything else would be harder without sight.” Jones would enjoy the superpower of being able to read minds.

The holidays are coming and the seasons are changing. Of the four seasons, Emma likes the fall the best. Speaking of fall, next autumn, Jones will be at Williams Field High School, home of the Blackhawks.

Emma Jones is a very kind and chill girl. You may have some similar interests and may know her. Feel free to share with us some facts we did not include.

By: Lilly Wittek

Photo Credit: Lilly Wittek

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