He Said, She Said: Chromebook Monitoring

It is well-known that teachers use a tool called Hapara to monitor our Chromebook screens. This way, teachers can catch kids playing games on their Chromebook. However, some may consider this an invasion of privacy, and/or slightly macabre. How do our fellow students feel about Chromebook monitoring? Let’s take a look.

He Said:

Jase Hudson (8): “I think it’s fine, honestly.”
Broden Phillips (7): “I think it’s okay if they can only see our current screen.”
Mr. Conway: “It’s a nice tool when we need to discreetly see what a student is doing.”

She Said:

Harley Scott (8): “I feel like it’s good.”
Taylor Peel (7): “I think it’s fine.”
Mrs. Hencken: “I like it.”

Well, it looks like we agree that it’s okay for teachers to monitor our Chromebook. Just remember that the teachers are watching the next time you want to play a game in class.

By: Brig Larson

Photo Credit: Brig Larson










































































































































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