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With Halloween around the corner, some junior high students are looking forward to dressing up and/or trick-or-treating, while others are planning a night at home.

Since our young days, most would agree Halloween is our favorite holiday because of, well, free candy. It’s beautiful; all we have to do is dress up in a super crazy or fun costume and we get free candy. I mean, seriously, who doesn’t like dressing up? Another reason most kids love to trick-or-treat is because you get to stay up late with your friends, and did I mention you get goodies in the process? Of course, you can’t go through Halloween without a great scare, so, during trick-or-treating you could go through a haunted house. After all, the best parts of Halloween are being scared, getting sweets, and dressing up.

It’s too bad we’re older now. Age is actually the main reason junior high students choose to opt-out of trick-or-treating. As we get older, Halloween starts to be an activity only young children like to do. Also, what’s the point of getting candy if you have to walk for miles? Even then, the candy is usually the cheap kind adults buy, but no kids like. What if you’re allergic to the candy, then what do you do? Another limiting factor is braces; when you have braces on it’s hard to find any candy that you’re allowed to eat. Plus, since most people trick-or-treat at night, it’s easy to get lost.

In my opinion though, Halloween is just as much of a holiday as it is a tradition, and should, therefore, be followed through with year to year, no matter how old you are.


By: Peyton Erb

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