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An average brain weighs around three pounds. Within this delicate organ is two hemispheres, or halves, known as your left-brain and right-brain. Which side is more dominant for you?

Just kidding, that was a trick question. After a two-year analysis on the matter of “right-brain/left-brain dominance”, a team of neuroscientists concluded that this theory is false; human brains don’t favor sides. So how did this theory, now myth, start? It was based on the research of Roger W. Sperry, who was an American neuropsychologist. His research brought to light that the hemispheres function differently.

The left-brain, also known as the “digital” brain, is connected to logic, sequencing, linear thinking (which is chronological or step-by-step thinking), mathematics, and facts. The right brain deals with feelings visualization, imagination, intuition, rhythm, holistic (or whole picture) thinking, and arts. While it is true that the “brains” are better at different activities (like the left-brain is better at reading, writing, and computations) neither one is “dominant” as previously believed.

For example, before this discovery was published, if you were more methodical in your thinking you were thought to be “left-brained” or the left side of your brain was larger. You see, people thought you had a dominant side, much like you have a dominant hand. This is why the group of scientists set out to find the truth behind “left-brain/right-brain dominance” theory in 2013.

Now we know that there is no dominance in your mind. The fact is, your brain is constantly using both hemispheres, which are tied together by bundles of nerve fibers. Certain activities, like music, can strengthen this connection between the two sides. Many agree that a strong connection is what made Albert Einstein a genius.

Of course, this article can’t tell you everything. To be honest, we know almost nothing about our brains. For more information on other facts, theories, tips, and brains in general, check out And if you want to read more myth-busters on GRZEXP, I don’t mind if you comment on what you’re interested in.


By: Becky Wood

Photo Credits: YouTube

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