Hunter Kerby is an 8th grader whose favorite saying is, “You can do anything you put your mind to.” He goes by both his first and last name, so you probably know him as Kerby. You’ll find him in the halls wearing blue, his favorite color, Nike or Vans products.

Kerby plans on attending Highland High School and thinks it would be cool to go to Harvard for college. At Highland High, Hunter aims to join the football team. His main position is corner for defense but he occasionally plays running back on offense. Kerby was born on December 30, 2004, and is the oldest in his family. He has a younger brother in 7th grade and a four year-old sister. In five years, when Hunter is 18, he sees himself “driving a car”. On Halloween, however, he sees himself trick-or-treating as Hanz from the Saturday Night Live Hanz and Franz show. One of his best friends, named Brigdon, who attends to Highland Junior High, is going as Franz.

Speaking of which, there was a chance that Kerby would attend Highland Jr. for the second semester. He explained that he’s moving on November 1st because his parents want a newer house. Yet, Hunter says, “I might finish the year here.”

Hunter Kerby is an athletic middle-schooler who is full of ambitions. Kerby’s favorite subject is Life Skills, in which he is competing in the legendary Cupcake Wars that Greenfield hosts every year. “I feel like we might win, but I don’t know,”  he said. Good luck Hunter, and all other competitors!


By: Becky Wood

Photo Credits: Becky Wood

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