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One summer night, four kids decided to sneak into an abandoned castle to prove that they were brave. At around midnight, the kids were dropped off at a party, but snuck out.

The “leader”, Jack, slowly pulled the unlocked door open. His twin, Peter, followed him and shined his flashlight around. Fearful Olivia held on to Tammy’s arm as they walked in.  Jack motioned them forward and they slowly walked across the open room.  Then, the door shut behind them.

“P-Peter,” Olivia stuttered, “Open the door. This isn’t funny.”

Peter turned his flashlight towards her. “I was here the entire time,” he argued.

Tammy looked around and felt a hand on her shoulder. “Jack!” she yelled, “Don’t touch me!”

Jack walked out from behind her. “Sorry,” he laughed, going for a high-five from Peter.

Peter rolled his eyes. “Let’s hurry up and explore this place,” he urged.

The group slowly began walking up a flight of stairs towards the top. Suddenly, the castle started shaking.

“What’s that?” Olivia cried, holding onto a stair rail.

“I don’t know,” Jack said, as pieces of the roof started falling.

“I didn’t touch anything!” Peter gasped.

Slowly, the shaking came to a stop. “Let’s get outta here!” Tammy screamed. They gave each other a quick glance and hurried back to the door.

Jack pushed on the double doors. “It’s locked!” he exclaimed.

Olivia pointed. “Out the window!” she panted. Peter tried to open it, but it was also locked.

“Peter,” Jack said, tugging on his sleeve. “Where are the girls?”

Peter turned around and noticed they were missing. “Um,” he said looking around, “I don’t know.” He moved back and tried urgently to open the window.

Jack’s face went pale. “Rock,” he muttered.

“What?” Peter asked, turning. His eyes went wide.  Before the two boys, a Indiana Jones situation laid ahead of them. A boulder was slowly rolling towards them from down the stair well.

“Run!” Jack barked.

The boys tried running, but the room had no places to hide. Finally, they tried the door again. Peter shook his head and looked as the boulder neared them.

“Goodbye, brother,” Jack stated.

“Goodbye,” Peter replied, waiting for the rock to crush them. Suddenly, it stopped.  Olivia and Tammy stood on the rock, laughing.

“You should’ve seen your faces!” Olivia giggled.

“We sure got you good!” Tammy agreed, slapping her knee.

It took them a minute, but the boys slowly understood; they got tricked.  The two girls slid off the rock and walked up to the boys.

“OK,” Peter said, breathing hard. “That was a good prank, but we’ll get you back.”

“Yeah,” Jack chuckled. “And you won’t be so lucky.” All of the kids laughed and went towards the front door.

“Unlock the door so we can head back to the party,” Tammy urged Olivia.

Olivia, still smiling, put her hands in her pocket. Her eyes went wide as she started slapping around her waist and repeating, “Oh no.”

“What?” Peter questioned.

“I,” Olivia cleared her throat. “Might’ve lost the key.” The kids stood there in silence.

“Now how will we get out?” Jack whined.

Tammy opened her phone. “I’ll call my mom,” she sighed.

Abruptly, the door flew open and the kids saw a shadow of a man. They screamed and scrambled away from the door as fast as they could.

“Whoa,” the man called. “Peter, Jack, where are you?”

Peter and Jack stopped dead in their tracks. “Rylan?” they asked in sync.

Rylan, their older brother (who was supposed to watch the kids at the party), slowly walked over to where the boys were. “Why are you guys here?” he said, confused. “This place is falling apart. C’mon, they’re serving burgers and hot dogs at the party.”
The boys waved at the girls and headed towards the doors.

Tammy and Olivia’s stomachs rumbled as they followed the boys back to the party.

“Can I ask a question?” Tammy said, biting her lip.

“Sure,” Rylan shrugged.

“How did you open the locked door?” Tammy inquired.

“It wasn’t locked,” he replied, “It’s just a really heavy door.”

“Oh,” Peter said, embarrassed, “I guess that make sense.”

Jack laughed. “I’m just glad we’re outta there,” he smiled, “Now we can eat.”

They walked back to the house and ate about seven burgers each. They jumped into the pool to get the dirt and cobwebs off before Olivia’s mom came to take the girls home.

“Bye guys,” Olivia grinned climbing into the car.

“See ya in school,” Tammy smirked.

“Bye,” the boys replied, waving.

“Yeah,” Rylan said, checking his watch, “We should head home too.”

Peter and Jack looked at each other, smiling. They were never so happy to go home.


By: Avey Schulz

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