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SPOTLIGHT: Charlize Checani

Charlize Checani is an eighth-grader and all around great student and athlete. She is best known for winning both championships on the Greenfield volleyball team in the 7th and 8th grade. Around five years ago, Checani, first starting playing club volleyball. Then, once she hit junior high, Charlize decided to play for the Grizzlies. She attended Finley Farms as her elementary school and played many hours after school. After participating in Muay, the art and science of eight limbs, she knew athletics were a high priority.

Charlize enjoys doing athletics, but her main focus when it comes to sports is to make the best out of it. Checani has a great sense of sportsmanship. Besides participating in sand volleyball, she also does Jujutsu on the side, outside of school. After her games and practices, Charlize usually hangs out with her friends. She enjoys her social life very much. At home, her and her family play games and participate in other things together. Checani likes to be very social and adventurous with others.

Overall, Charlize is a wonderful person. She admires her family, enjoys talking with her friends, and is very athletic. She wants to continue and pursue her dreams in volleyball after grade school and so on. Checani hopes to go professional with it, and if not she would like to go to school and study cosmetology, the study and application of beauty treatments. Charlize Checani is a determined student and athlete, with a great future ahead of her.

By: Kennedy Scrimmager

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