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MONEY MAKERS(For Kids) – Pet Sitting

A job that some kids may find fun is pet sitting. In this job, pet owners typically have the kids water the plants, feed the animals, or bring in the mail. The kid may get the chance to take the dog for a walk. This fun chance may help children learn responsibility, how to take care of pets, plants, and chores.

   Although this is a pretty common job, it can make close to an average of twenty-to-forty dollars a day. If the child is willing to stay overnight with the pet, they can make nearly seventy-five-to-eighty-dollars a night!

    This job would definitely be on my bucket list, if I already didn’t have to take care of a little pup myself! This job is also great if a child doesn’t think their allowance is enough, or if they just want some extra money. This job definitely targets kids around the ages of ten and thirteen, just because of the chores and staying overnight. There are lots of amazing jobs for kids of all ages, but pet sitting has to be a favorite. Pet sitting could become difficult though, even for the older kids. If your not comfortable staying the night with a pet, or going everyday to the house to feed the animals, water the plants, and bring in the mail, you may not want to have this job.

       More concerns could be from the parents, they may not let their child stay overnight at someone’s house. They also may not want to be responsible for any accidents, such as the child breaking anything. It is good for parents to keep in mind, that the wages are great for younger children and teens, because it makes great wages, and is not to difficult if the child has had any experience with animals. In addition this could be super beneficial if your thinking about getting a new pet. Lastly, kids would get the chance to meet new animals! This job is very fun, and the wages are great for kids. Although if parents are a little nervous to do this job, it’s good to keep other jobs in mind as well!


By: Ireland Rathbun

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