TV REVIEW: Total Wipeout

Imagine American Ninja Warrior and Home Alone in one bizarre show. You would get Total Wipeout, a zany obstacle course show that doubles as a comedy.

A player stands in front of a giant obstacle course, full of walls that punch you and big red bouncy balls you have to jump on. The obstacles are usually rigged, which turns the show into a giant montage of people wiping out in humorous ways, from being punched in the face to being hit in the stomach. Total Wipeout is the British Spin-off of the equally amazing TV show Wipeout.

The show is hosted by Richard Hammond, who provides amusing bits of dialogue during the course and in between rounds.

On most obstacle course shows, only experienced athletes can run. But on Total Wipeout, anyone can go, from cupboard makers to Star Wars nerds.

Total Wipeout can be watched on Amazon with a Prime subscription. When you start watching it, you will be doubled over with laughter as you watch people failing in stunningly hysterical ways.

By: Brig Larson

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