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Poetry: Books

Some people think that books are useless,

but that is not my mindset


Books aren’t just pieces of paper stuck together with words on them,

they are other lives that you are able to read and experience.


There are many different words that come to most minds,

boring, annoying, a waste of time.

The best words for books, though, are action, adventure, mystery, maybe even horror.


In some comical TV shows, actors opt to act out a movie based on a book instead of reading the real thing.

I, on the other hand, prefer to pretend like I’m the book’s main character. I favor the ability to be able to read graphic descriptions on what is going on around me, not watch some random actor do it for me.


A few people believe that books are meaningless, but that’s not my theory.

Books are lives, hopes, dreams, and imaginations put into words.


By: Peyton Erb

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