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Teacher vs Student: Sports or Academics

Winter sports along with the end of our first semester (the end of the first two quarters), are both big events, but which should students care about more, sports or academics?

Mr. Adair, our seventh-grade boys PE teacher, was asked this question and responded,”Academics have to come first. Very few athletes play professionally, while academics can lead to wonderful things. Academics come first.” Ms. Brietwiezer, an eighth-grade social studies teacher, was also asked what students should care about more. She said, “Since academics are a student’s number one responsibility, they should be what the student cares about more.”

Along with these two teachers, eighth-grade student, Parker Pettit, answered, “Academics definitely because that’s what my coaches have always told me, academics should come first.” Finally, seventh-grader, Morgan Evenson agrees with everyone else. She said, “Academics because if you get passing grades then you can play your sport but if you don’t get passing grades then you can’t … school should always come first.”

Looks like it’s unanimous. The four interviewed members of our student body and staff agree that academics should be at the top of every student’s to-do list. Please remember students, that academics should always, no matter your situation, come before your sports. After all, would you dropout of high school just to practice for a game you might not even win? Or, would you rather, be honest, graduate high school and get your dream job because you skipped your sports game? Always prioritize your academics over your sports activities.


By: Peyton Erb

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