If we see the color red,

And others see the color blue,

We quarrel, we fight

But we cannot for life,

Figure out what’s true.

So this is life, the life we live.

It comes with ups and downs.

We may see different, but this is the difference,

We cannot be without those distinctions.

If you were the same as me,

And I were the same as you,

There’d be no new ideas,

Such as computers, or toys, or phones.

We’d all be stuck,

In the same place we’d been.

There would be no religion,

No cultures, no holidays.

But could it be better off that way?

No witches of Salem,

No medieval times,

No arguments, no one would think different.

Would life be more peaceful or more chaotic?

I think neither.

I think there would be ignorance.

Mounds upon mounds of ignorance.

Would we fight?

Would we fail?

All would excel at the same time.

All would fail at the same time.

When one would give up, all the rest of us would too.

Development would be scarce

Life as we know it would be different.

The real question is,

Would life be worth it?


By: Tessa Geigle

Photo Credits: https://cynergiconnects.com

1 comment

  1. This is made me think deep about life and I came up with these questions/statements.
    Would you die to live?
    Are we the aliens?
    If you make a hole in a net…their will be less holes.
    If the earth is round, is the universe round?


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