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A short time ago, There was a girl; her name was Ariana. She was orphaned at a very young age, and given to a young couple, who loved her, and always knew her best interest. Like others would be, she wondered who her real mother and father were. She always imagined them as heros. Her dad in the military, her mom a nurse fighting for lives. She loved Michael and Laura, her adopted parents, but she always had a hole in her heart where her real parents would be. She spent her childhood growing up always curious. “Had I done something better, maybe they would still have me.” She devised a plan: She would go to find her real parents. When the clock strikes twelve on April 3rd, her sixteenth birthday. Sadly she was though only thirteen, which meant she still had 3 more years. She spent those 3 years a worrying child. Ariana could only imagine how sad and disappointed Laura and Michael would be.


The day finally came, the big clock with beautiful creases, patterns, and colors sung in the dining room. Ariana grabbed her baby blue backpack and ran. “ Why do I run, it’s not like Laura and Michael are awake.” Ariana said relieved. She had just started to notice how the sky glimmered like an ocean, with diamonds and jewels, but her daydream was interrupted when she stepped on the rocky path below. The path was sharp and loud beneath her feet. With every step came a crack, crunch she had heard, It was a mystery how she hadn’t woken the whole neighborhood.

It grew time, the time to wake up Ariana. When Laura approached the foot of the bed. “Ahhh! Michael, come quick. Ariana is gone, shes gone!” cried Laura. The sound of police sirens rang around Ariana as she sprinted at full-speed to a nearby hiding spot.

“She was just gone, when I came to look for her. I know she’s a bit of a enigma, but she would never do anything like this.” Laura argued.

Meanwhile Ariana was off to see who her real parents were. Ariana headed to get the truth, she walked into the huge lobby of the adoption agency. It smelt of mint and herbs. “Am I in the right place, I’m in the adoption agency headquarters, correct?” Ariana asked the lady at the front desk.

“Yeah y-u ar-e,” the lady struggled with a big mouthful of food.

“Um, okay can I have the adoption papers for Ariana Rose?” pleaded Ariana.

“Your going to need some form of ID, and there’s a fifty dollar fee.” The lady stated. Ariana had stolen her moms ID, and had taken the fifty dollars she had saved for that exact moment.

“Laura Flar?” Asked the receptionist.

“It’s Laura Flare, but yes.” stated Ariana very impatiently.

“Here you are then.” Said the receptionist, handing Ariana the paper that would hopefully change her life forever.

“Thank you so much!” Ariana exclaimed.

Ariana found herself on a journey to South Dakota, she found on the paper her parents address. “They live in South Dakota?!” pronounced Ariana. Ariana had to travel for days, getting on subways, trains, and buses with all the spare money she had left. She had finally made it, after all the time it took. She was finally, home?

Ariana finally came to the house, she knocked on the big shiny door. When someone came to the door it was a boy not much younger than herself. “Hello?” said the boy, looking quite confused. “I’m the daughter of–,” but she was cut off by the lady coming down the stairs, in the palace of a house.

“Oh, my.” Said the woman, recognizing her instantly. “Come in, come in!” said the lady hesitantly. Ariana came in and sat on a chair in the living room.

“Hi, um I don’t know what to say, I guess that you met my son James?”  Ariana’s eyes went cold and distant when she heard the very words.

“How old is he?” asked Ariana.

“He’s fifteen actually, not much younger than you.” Ariana was heartbroken. They got rid of her, but had another baby the next year and didn’t get rid of him. ‘Did they not like me, or want me?’ Ariana said feeling her throat go sour and tight, trying to hold the tears in. “Why did you get rid of me, and have another kid just a year later?” asked Ariana.

“I guess we just didn’t have the right situation to take care of you, and we just…moved on.” The words stung. Ariana had been scared they might say something like this, but only in her nightmares.

 Ariana talked to the women until dark, when she left she felt the cold breeze freeze the tears that ran down her face. She wanted to go home. That’s what she did. When Ariana arrived home Laura and Michael ran over to see her, to see if she was okay. “Where have you been?” Michael questioned.

“I went to see my…real mother.” Ariana said hesitantly. 

“But she didn’t want me.” Ariana stated with the tears once again, filling her eyes.

“Well it’s…ok, we knew one day you would want to know who your real mother is. We were scared this might happen, but you need to know that we love you, and you are so special to us, truly.” said Laura.

“Thank you,” said Ariana, smiling and hugging her parents.


By: Ireland Rathbun

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