Spam in the Class Comments

The comment on Google Classroom said “Click here:” followed by a link to a strange YouTube video. Moments later, another comment was posted reading “I like goats.”

You can see all kinds of messages like these all over the Internet, with nonsense and links to random, and even dangerous websites. Lately, these comments have even been showing up in Google Classroom. This has led more students being muted, which is when they can’t post class comments. These spam comments can be a great annoyance to other students who are distracted by the useless quotes and random links. They clutter up the space where students should be asking questions that have to do with classwork or other school topics. The spam can be a problem in classes where all of the students can post class comments, which can lead to chat threads popping up in the class comments, wasting space on an announcement posted in Classroom. Advertisements are another problem. If a student has a YouTube channel or something like that, they often advertise, as another comment shows, reading, “subscribe to the (removed) and (removed) show.” Thank goodness teachers can mute students who are posting spam in the class comments, if they couldn’t, random links and ridiculous posts would be everywhere.

A good way to stop spam is for teachers to stop the ability of class comments. The problem with this is that a teacher may have to answer the same question several times due to the students only being able to comment privately. Whenever you post in the class comments, make sure it’s related to the topic. You might spare your teacher’s sanity that way.

By: Brig Larson

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