MONEY SAVER – DIY Christmas Gifts

We all know how expensive Christmas presents can be; sometimes people spend thousands of dollars on small-sized gifts. There’s an alternative: Do It Yourself (DIY) Christmas gifts.


One gift you could make is gemstone soap, glycerin soap shaped like a crystal, you’ll need:

  • Soap base (clear or opaque)
  • Soap colorant
  • Essential oils
  • Silicone mold (rectangle)
  • Knife (use with parental supervision)
  • Glass pitchers
  • Disposable cups

Step 1: Melt blocks of the opaque or clear soap to create a soap base(leave enough uncolored soap for later).

Step 2: Add essential oils and color, then stir.

Step 3: Pour soap into plastic cups and let sit for 24 hours or put in the fridge for a few hours.

Step 4: When soaps are done setting, take them out of the plastic cups.

Step 5: Slice soaps into different shapes and sizes.

Step 6: Add cut pieces into rectangle mold.

Step 7:  Use melted (or melt) clear / opaque soap into two separate containers.

Step 8:  Pour melted soap into silicone mold and fill to the top.

Step 9 : Let sit overnight or put in refrigerator for a few hours.

. Step 10: Peel soaps out of mold, with knife, slowly cut pieces off to make it look like a crystal.

Step 11: Gift them!


Another DIY gift that you could give out this year is a mason jar magnet. It is a mason jar lid with a picture attached and made into a magnet. This one is simple. You will need:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Mason jar lids
  • Photos of friends/family
  • Magnets
  • Scissors


Follow these simple steps to make this memorable gift:

Step 1:  Use lid insert to trace a circle onto the photo then cut out the picture

Step 2:  Glue the insert inside of the lid ring (with the silver side up).

Step 3:  Glue the photos to the inside of the lid.

Step 4:  Glue the magnet to the back of lid

Step 5:  Wrap and give!


One last DIY to try is reindeer hot chocolate kits. You will need:

  • Piping bags
  • Powdered hot cocoa
  • Mini chocolate chips
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Red pom pom balls
  • Googly eyes
  • Brown pipe cleaners
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Customized note
  • Hole puncher

To create this DIY follow these steps:

Step 1: Pour hot cocoa mix into piping bags.

Step 2: Pour in some chocolate chips.

Step 3: Add a layer of marshmallows.

Step 4: Tie top of bag with ribbon.

Step 5: Write a personalized note and attach to ribbon already on the bag.

Step 6: Wrap pipe cleaner around top of bag and shape into antlers.

Step 7: Glue googly eyes and pom pom ball to bag for Rudolph’s face.

Step 8: Trim off excess piping bag above antlers.

If you try these DIYs, tell GRZEXP how they turned out. I am sure that your friends and family will love these thoughtful and  crafty gifts.
By: Lilly Wittek

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