SPOTLIGHT: Brittany Ortega

Brittany Ortega was born on February 4th, 2005 in Chandler, Arizona. She is Mexican-American and was raised in both Mesa and Gilbert, but mainly resided in Mesa. She now is attending school in Gilbert; however, Brittany will be leaving Gilbert, and will attend Mountain View High School next year.

Ortega has played club soccer for nine years in the striker and mid-player positions. “I would like to go pro, but if not I’ll just go to ASU and study something,” said Brittany. She has a passion for soccer, but if she doesn’t succeed it won’t stop her. Bri and her family are very close. Brittany is the only girl out of her family of three brothers, and is also the youngest child. On holidays, her and her family visit their beach house in Newport, California and sometimes their cabin in Prescott. She is a very outgoing girl, and although she is a little quiet at first, but can put a smile on anyone’s face. Brittany is an athlete, in addition to being exceptionally smart. When it comes to education, Brittany is always diligent and serious. As she has gotten older, she has realized that her education will be a worthy fall-back to her soccer dreams. Moreover, outside of school, Brittany enjoys hanging out with her friends. If her and her friends aren’t playing soccer, they’re at the mall shopping or going to the movies. Ortega is a busy person on the weekends and always wants to have fun.

Brittany Ortega is a intelligent and social girl, and a good student who always gets her work done. Many of Ortega’s friends enjoy her because of her glowing  personality. She’s extremely funny and can always brighten your day. Brittany is one delightful student that many enjoy!


By: Kennedy Scrimmager

Photo Credits: Kennedy Scrimmager

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