SPOTLIGHT: Bella Huebner

Bella Huebner was born May of 2005 and is now 13 years-old. She will be a Gilbert Tiger in a few short months. Bella moved to the town of Gilbert, Arizona from the state of Wisconsin in the middle of her seventh grade year, last year and has gone to Greenfield Junior ever since.

Huebner hangs out with Ezequiel Ruiz-Godoy, Nevaeh Vigesaa, Brendin Gervais, and myself here at school. You’ll often find her with those students and wearing her favorite checkered Vans. She also loves to wear her gray California sweatshirt. Her signature hairstyle is a small ponytail at the top of her head. Huebner states that she’d rather wear leggings than jeans and a sweatshirt rather than a jacket.

Bella is really looking forward to Christmas, her favorite holiday. Even though she has to take finals before she can get into the Christmas spirit, Bella is still super excited for the 25th. She also looks forward to the track and field season in a few months. In track, she would love to run the 200 meter dash. She does cheer and used to play soccer. During breaks, she likes to visit California, her favorite vacation spot, with her mom, dad, and brother. Bella aims to live in Arizona even for college and attend Arizona State University (ASU).

Bella Huebner is a very loyal friend who loves to hang out and listen to music. If you ever get the chance to meet her, you’ll realize what a fun person she is.

By: Lilly Wittek

Photo Credit: Lilly Wittek

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