Staff Profile: Mr. Ludwig

Chad Ludwig was born on September 28, 1990 in Chicago, Illinois. He was the only boy out of the three sisters in his family. “Me and my sisters never really got along until we got older,” states Ludwig.

Ludwig’s favorite color is orange, he enjoys the candy Take5, and he loves to eat pizza. He has an interesting background. Chad attended Chandler High School and graduated in 2009. After that, he enrolled in Northern Arizona University and spent his four years there. During that time, he had multiple jobs to pay for his expenses. “I’ve worked at Safeway, Ross, Olive Garden, etc,” said Chad. In his junior year of college, Mr. Ludwig met (now his wife) Christy. They have been married for three years and have a child. Dax, their son, just turned one in October. Ludwig has coached wrestling for nine years, but has only coached at Greenfield for five years. He says that it is a “fun but tough” sport. During his free time, he likes mountain biking and taking trips with his family. On holiday breaks, he and his wife often go to Chicago to visit his family. “But this year while we’re on winter break, Christy and I are going to Texas to visit my older sister and her new baby,” he said. There are many things to know about Chad. He doesn’t like candy much, he absolutely loves rainy days, and says if he didn’t live in Arizona he’d like to try Washington.

Surely, Mr. Ludwig is an intriguing person. Many staff members and students love having him as a teacher. He may not be perfect, but, he’s a very helpful teacher who wants his students to succeed.


By: Kennedy Scrimmager

Photo Credits: Greenfield Junior High – Gilbert Public Schools

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