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Short Story: The Poison Arrow

Some time ago, Jaelyn was running through the woods while playing hide-and-seek with her brother. Jaelyn was a beautiful young girl. She had hair as dark as the midnight sky which framed her small, circular face. Her eyes were as gray as the moon surrounded by stars, shining nowhere near as bright as Jaelyn’s did. Everyone loved Jaelyn, she was not only gorgeous but also very smart for her age and helpful in just about everything. Her brother, Jason, was her fraternal twin brother, who was older by a few minutes and nothing like Jaelyn. His eyes were red like fire and could burn you to ashes with just one look. Thankfully, they were concealed by glasses, which embraced his bookworm side. His hair was as bright as the sun and went well with his fierce, fiery eyes.

“You’ll never find me,” Jaelyn called out, thinking that her brother was looking for her. Sadly, that was not the case. Lately, Jason had not been playing with Jaelyn so she figured she had done something to deserve it. Maybe she had lost his favorite book. Maybe she had accidentally hurt Blu, Jason’s extremely big, handsome, and strong Doberman. Blu had exceptionally odd coloring, especially for a dog; he had different shades of blue all over his body including his collar. Even his name resembled the color blue. “Jason, can you hear me?” Jaelyn screamed at the top of her lungs, begging for her brother’s attention.

“Be quiet Jaelyn!” Jason called back to her, “I’m talking to my friends, I don’t want to play with you.”

“You’re mean!” cried Jaelyn. Quickly, she ran into the woods, across a river, and over a hill. Before she knew it, thousands of thick redwood trees covered the ground. It all looked so alike that Jaelyn didn’t even know where she had come from. Looking around, Jaelyn saw playful wildlife grazing off of blooming flora. Branches hung from far above Jaelyn’s head while she crushed the fallen leaves under her shoes. Although she didn’t know where she was, Jaelyn thought there might be people living there because, in the distance, she saw a small cottage.

She decided to walk toward the cottage when she heard the quiet murmur of voices. Despite the voices, Jaelyn continued forward.

Upon entering the house, Jaelyn realized that it probably hadn’t been cleaned in years, of course, cleaning was one of Jaelyn’s specialties.

As she was finishing her cleaning, Jaelyn heard footsteps from outside. As she heard the door opening, Jaelyn jumped behind the nearest chair and hid from the view of the doorway. With a long and loud creak, the door opened and Jaelyn heard the same voices as she did earlier.

“How much total ore did we get today?” one asked.

“About two and a half tons,” another replied.

“Alright, how about individual amounts?” the first one asked.

Jaelyn slowly peeked around the side of the chair and was surprised to see seven oddly-short men and women in the cottage. Gradually, Jaelyn came out from behind the chair and said, “Hello, my name is Jaelyn. Who are you guys?”

Without warning, the smallest of the women screeched, “Out, Out with you! Out of our home!”

“Calm yourself Maddie,” boomed the tallest man, “for now she is our guest. She even cleaned up the old place. The least we can do is sit and have a conversation about why she is here.”

“Shut your face Quade,” Maddie snapped, this time in the direction of Quade. “She may be a guest, but, she is an unwanted one.”

“Any guest is a welcome one Maddie,” another said enthusiastically.

“Shut your face too Joyann, “ the one they called Maddie yelled.

“Why don’t we all just take a nice nap?” one said drowsy-like.

“You also shut your face Savyawn,” Maddie growled.

“I agree sneeze with everyone except sneeze Maddie,” a woman half-sneezed, half-said.

“Everyone shut your faces!” Maddie screamed loud enough to cause a cave to collapse,”Especially you A’Chu, no one wants your germs .”

“I’m sneeze sorry,” said A’Chu, “I don’t mean to.”

“Okay, let’s sit down,” Quade said, annoyed with all of the arguing. To the side of where everyone was standing, there was a set of large couches. Jaelyn sat next to Quade, as she was instructed to, while everyone else spread out. “Why are you here Jaelyn?” Quade asked.

“Because my brother is a mean and rude person,” replied Jaelyn.

“There are more of you tall beings?” Maddie yelled, “Just the sight of you disgusts me. I can’t handle anymore of you.”

“She doesn’t seem that bad Maddie,” Joyann added before Maddie could continue on her rant, “actually, she seems great.”

“Ya sneeze Maddie,” A’Chu agreed, “plus she sneeze can’t be as bad as you.”

“Please,” Quade interrupted, “tell us about your brother.”

“He used to be my best friend,” Jaelyn had tears in her eyes thinking about it, “then about a month ago, he started ignoring me. At first I thought I had done something to deserve it, but he’s been avoiding me for too long. So today I ran into the forest and found your dirty cottage so I cleaned it and, well, you guys know the rest.”

“Maybe you and your brother should talk it out,” someone mumbled from across the room.

“Quick side note, I know everyone, kind of,” Jaelyn said trying to get the conversation away from her brother,”except you and him.” Jaelyn pointed to the two people she was talking about as she spoke.

“The quiet one is Ashya and the one with his head in a bucket is Dumbledore,” Quade clarified for her.

“Thank you,” Jaelyn replied, smiling.

“Now back to the matter of your brother,” Quade declared, quickly getting back to the original topic.

“Darn it,” muttered Jaelyn.

“I’m sorry,” Quade said, “what was that?”

“Nothing,” Jaelyn said under her breath.

“Now, let’s devise a plan for how we are going to get you reunited with your brother,” Quade blurted, annoyed again by all of the distractions.


Back in Pryden (Where Jaelyn  and Jason Live)


“Ughh, Jaelyn is such a twerp,” Jason said to himself. “She always has to be the center of attention.” Jason was getting ready for bed and as he was cursing his sister, he started to walk to the bathroom, “I mean, she’s been gone for what? An hour and a half? This town needs a break from her anyway.”

“Honey,” Jason heard his mom call, “come have dessert real quick.”

“Coming!” Jason shouted back then mumbled, “At least she isn’t worried about my monster of a twin.”

As Jason started down the stairs, he overheard his parents’ conversation, “Of course it’s about that useless sister of mine,” he muttered, “They can never focus on me can they.” As Jason stepped on the last stair, he slipped and fell flat on his face.

“Oww!” Jason screamed, louder than needed, trying to get hs parent’s attention, “Ooowww!” he stretched out his scream, still trying to get his parent’s attention.

“Ohh, hello Jason,” his mom said, her eyes filled with tears clearly meant for Jaelyn, “here’s your dessert.”

“Thanks I guess,” Jason whispered.

“Yeah, yeah, just eat and get some rest so you can help find your sister tomorrow,” Jason’s mom insisted.

“Of course mother,” Jason grumbled and walked back upstairs to his bed. Jason knew he had to do something so that for once he would be the center of attention. Overnight, Jason prepared a plan to get rid of Jaelyn once and for all.

In the Morning (Jaelyn)


“Okay, let’s get going because I want to get rid of her as soon as possible,” Maddie yelled, waking everyone else up.

“Shhh,” Savyawn whispered, “I’m still tired.”

“Do we have to leave the cottage?” Ashya asked so quietly only Dumbledore, who was next to her, could hear, “You guys know I don’t like to leave the cottage.”

“She said she doesn’t want to leave the cottage!” Dumbledore screeched like a parrot.

“You know Dumbledore, you don’t always have to scream what Ashya says, unless, screaming makes you happy,” Joyann told Dumbledore.

“I actually do agree with Maddie that we should get an early start,” Quade barked acting like an army general.

“So all Jaelyn has to sneeze do is pretend to be interested in a sneeze game that Jason wants to play?” A’Chu inquired.

“Yes, it should be easy enough to accomplish,” Quade replied.

“Okay, then let’s go,” Jaelyn squealed, excited by the idea of playing with her brother again.


In Pryden


“Okay, let’s find my daughter,” Jason’s dad bellowed to the rest of the town, “all we know, thanks to some of Jason’s worried friends, is that she ran into the forest.” Everyone in the town ran into the woods to find Jaelyn at the end of Jason’s dad’s words, except Jason, who had a plan of his own.

Jason had searched the woods around dawn that morning and found a cottage in the woods. While exploring the outside of it, he found that the door was locked, but, a window next to the door wasn’t. Inside, he saw his demon of a sister. Of course, he forgot his equipment, but, that wouldn’t happen this time. As soon as the others ran into the woods, Jason turned around and ran back to his house. He threw open the door, hurled himself up the stairs, charged through his door, and crashed into his open closet where he pulled out his chemistry set.

Chemistry had always been a hobby of Jason’s, and now, it was time to put it to use. When he got back from exploring earlier that morning, Jason conjured up a kind of poison that if even the tiniest bit got onto your fingertip, you would die within an hour. The potion was perfect for what Jason planned to do to Jaelyn.


In the Forest


Jaelyn and the dwarfs had been in the forest for awhile when finally Jaelyn said, “I think we’re going the wrong way. It didn’t take me this long to get to the cottage from Pryden.”

“Now you tell us,” Maddie muttered.

“Yeah, my feet hurt and I’m tired,” Savyawn yawned then sat down on a large rock.

“No! Don’t sit down, we need to get me home,” Jaelyn persisted. Just when she said that, she heard a familiar bark, “Wait, everyone be quiet.”

Bark bark

“Did someone else hear that or am I just hallucinating?” Jaelyn asked.

“Although you are crazy,” Maddie replied, “I heard it too.”

“Well, fun fact,” Jaelyn declared excitedly, “Where there’s a bark there’s a Blu, and where there’s a Blu there’s a Jason.”

“Jaelyn, is that you?” Jason called out.

“There he is guys,” Jaelyn squealed, now hopping up and down. “Yes, I’m here.”

“Thank you Quade, Ashya, Dumbledore, Savyawn, A’Chu, Joyann, and Maddie for helping me find my brother.”

“Ohh shucks, is this goodbye?” Maddie asked sarcastically, “Well, see ya!” With that she ran off, followed by the others after they said proper goodbyes. A few seconds later Jason showed up with a bow and an arrow knocked in, pointed at Jaelyn. Without noticing the bow and arrow, Jaelyn started petting Blu, so happy to see him. Not wanting to be distracted, Jason cut the deed of killing his sister short.

“Hey Jaelyn, look at me,” Jason insisted. Once Jaelyn turned to him, she saw that her twin brother had a bow pointed at her. This was not her brother. Without sparing a second, Jason shot the arrow, to bad he never learned how to shoot a bow because as he let go of the arrow, it nipped the edge of his fingertip. Not only did the arrow’s poison infect Jason, but it went off course and soared over Blu’s head.

“Jason!” Jaelyn screamed, terrified that he tried to kill her but also worried that he had hurt himself in the process. “Are you hurt?”

“I failed,” Jason mumbled to himself, “You’re the monster, not me. I don’t deserve to die.”

“I’m going to go find mom and dad,” Jaelyn interrupted, “they’ll be able to help.” Jaelyn ran away, but by the time she got back with her and Jason’s parents, Jason was slumped against a tree. His eyes were closed and he had one hand on Blu. The heartbroken trio walked back to their house, after they had buried Jason, and admired Jason’s room. The next day they told the town about Jason’s death. Jaelyn didn’t tell anyone, not even her parents, about how he had tried to kill her. As crazy as it sounds, she understood why he tried to kill her. Now he got what he wanted; he was finally the center of attention.

Every once in awhile, Jaelyn goes to visit her dwarf friends and her brother’s grave. Blu was never the same since Jason died and was often found sleeping by his grave at night.


By: Peyton Erb

Photo Credits: Role Play Wiki: Fandom


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