TOP TEN: Students’ Favorite Fast Food Restaurants

Today I went out and asked several 7th graders what their favorite fast food restaurant is, and the results are as follows:

10) Wendy’s

9) Carl’s Junior

8) Burger King

7) Jack In The Box

6) In-N-Out Burgers

5) Dairy Queen

4) Taco Bueno

3) Cane’s

2) McDonald’s

And so, the overall favorite fast food restaurant is…

1) Chick-Fil-A

Thank you to everyone who voted! In conclusion, this survey proved a fact we all knew was true. Chick-Fil-A food just can’t be beat. So next time you’re passing a Chick-Fil-A, don’t forget to pick up some great chicken!


By: Ireland Rathbun

Photo Credits: potatopro.com

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