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SHORT STORY:Police’s Dilemma: At Gunpoint

Malus Servus smiled with a wicked grin of satisfaction. All he had to do now was click a button and the whole police station status would be compromised. Click a button, that was it.

Malus had worked very hard to earn Chief Walls’ trust. You have to be the most loyal to receive spot in the computer room. Not only had Malus taken the Police Law, he had been commissioned into the Inner Circle. The Inner Circle was a group of highly favored officers that had shown exceeding courage or saved an officer’s life. Malus had pulled a police officer out of the way when one of his men tried to stab him in the back. Chief Walls was surprised and quickly initiated Malus. Malus’s finger hovered over the button, trying to find a reason why his plan wouldn’t work. Finding none, he pressed the button. No wonder his name meant evil servant.


Nicole’s Perspective


Nicole’s computer suddenly stopped working. Then it flashed lights. Nicole backed up and ran. This meant only one thing: Status Compromise. All officer personal were to go to the investigation room on full lock-down. Steven would be there, Nicole remembered. Time to catch up. Nicole grinned, she was finally ready to talk to her old friend with a smile. She reached to investigation room and opened the door. Something was wrong, everything was dark. A hand grabbed her mouth and she bit down. The man grunted in pain, however continued without hesitation to grab both her wrists and twist them behind her back. One-handed. Nicole was quickly shoved behind a door and the flash of a knife sent chills down her spine.

“Don’t move,” the knife shone in the light again, “Or there will be consequences.” Nicole nodded when the man pressed the knife to her throat, nicking her skin.

Police officers suddenly poured into the room. Chief Walls came in and everyone stopped what they were doing. Silence settled so thick that it felt like the air had increased its weight by a ton.

“Where is Malus Servus?” Walls questioned with his death-ray eyes. Silence continued, though inside all of the officers’ heads confusion reigned. Malus Servus was missing.


Steven’s Perspective


Steven struggled against the handcuffs that pinned him to his table. A person from the shadows of the room had emerged and had been slowly walking towards him. A knife flashed in an arc and Steven flinched, expecting the worst. He lifted his hands and found that he was freed of the cuffs that had bound him. Steven looked up to see a bag coming on top of him. Kidnapped. Great.


Nicole’s Perspective


Nicole’s capturer studied her intensely. Nicole could feel his gaze and the hair on her neck stood on end. He started to bend down, then his earpiece spoke one word, “Now.” The man straightened and came out from behind the door, dragging Nicole with the knife cutting deeper.

“Arms down men, you won’t need those guns.” His voice shocked her. It sounded so familiar. “Or your little lady gets hurt.”

“Officer Walter, explain what happened.” Chief Walls commanded. Nicole looked up at her capture in question.

“Go ahead, you scum,” he sighed with impatience and disgust.

“I came in first from the computer room, the smaller one. The lights were flashing indicating a full lock-down. I came in the investigation room hoping… um, for the best. A hand grabbed my mouth and put a knife to my throat. I tried to resist but, I’m sorry.” Nicole hung her head in shame, which turned out to be a mistake, the knife dug deeper.

“Well you better be sorry! Look at the trouble you’ve put us in!” Officer Iratus accused.

“Now you have two choices, sit here silently and your precious girl stays safe. Or all of you die, one by one.”

“Remember the Officer Law…” Nicole started to say.

“Quiet idiot! No matter what your law says you and everyone else will die if they shoot.”

“Blast.” Nicole breathed. She soon saw the men dressed in black all around the room, they must’ve been in the room the whole time, darn lock-down, Nicole thought. Chief Walls raised his gun and the 50 men all around the room pointed their guns at the chief.

“Drop the gun,” a man said, stepping out from the black-clad men, “You can’t kill all of us with one shot.”

“But I can kill one.” and with that, Chief Walls started firing at as many people in black as he could. After a bit of shock, the remaining men in black started firing. Nicole reached out her hand trying to do anything to stop it, but was stopped by that ever-present blade at her throat. Nicole closed her eyes, breathed, and opened them; nothing that she could have done prepared her for the sight that reached her open eyes. All the bullets had bounced off an invisible shield around Chief Walls and fell, harmless, to the ground. Noise stopped, time stopped, nothing but the smallest fleck of dust moved. Nicole took her chance, she drew her gun, but chaos reinstated itself as soon as she moved. Her capturer must have noticed how things were unfolding, he ran through the door to exit what could end as a total disaster.

“Where are we going?” Nicole yelled, as he dragged her through the door.

“HQ to sort out this mess,” the big man said. Nicole caught his eyes and her heart stopped beating.


“How did you…” just then his earpiece jumped to life.

“We need you now! HQ immediately!”

“Sorry Master. Coming.”

Was it really Steven? Could he really do all this? When Steven was little, he had been gentle. Could things have changed so drastically since they had been apart?

“Steven,” Nicole started, dread etching her voice.

“Don’t say that name,” the stranger spat. “He left me to fend for myself ten years ago.”

“What could Steven have done?” Nicole gained hope. The man hadn’t said that he was Steven. The man stopped dead in his tracks, spun to face her, and grabbed both of her shoulders with a very tight grip.

“You’re in my power now little girl and you will do as I say,” the man said in a dangerously low voice, “Don’t try to irritate me, I think you can guess the consequences. If you can’t, then let that imagination of yours run wild.” He started running again, this time with her like a sack of potatoes across his shoulders.

“What did he do? What did I do to deserve this?” Nicole asked bitterly.

“So you’re Nicole then,” he said, and a gut-chilling grin spread across his face. “Steven’s little girlfriend, eh?” His grin spread wider, “You will be a fabulous bargaining piece, and even then, you will pay the ultimate price. Steven will give everything he has and then watch why he gave them away die.” Nicole’s fear and confusion blurred into one emotion, rage.

“WHY? WHY would you do this to me, to him?” Nicole felt all the tension built up in the last few hours burst, and it hurt. She kicked and fought while he was running, and yet he continued on.

“Later you emotional mess!” he exclaimed. “I’ll tell you later! By the way my name is Red.” They had reached a building.



Red had taken her to an office, he put her down and sat in a chair. Nicole wondered what she was supposed to do. She moved to sit down and as soon as she did, ropes climbed all over her, moving by themselves, wrapping around her like a snake from head to toe. Something or someone had immobilized her while this was happening. She couldn’t move, scream, or yell for help.

So, she waited, helpless.


By: Tessa Geigle

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