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I’m sure you have that one thing that makes you smile on a bad day. I have one also. My one love is pugs; their wrinkles, their snorts, and their loving personalities cheer me up instantly.

Did you know that pugs are a very ancient breed? They date back to 400 BCE. Pugs were treated like royalty; some pugs were even given their own palaces and guards. A pug once saved the prince, William The Silent. While in the time of leading a battle, the prince lay sleeping, not knowing a Spanish assassin was lurking outside his tent. William’s pug, Pompey, began to bark and jump on his owner’s face. The Prince woke up and took his would-be-assassin into apprehension. Pompey wasn’t the only royal pug. Marie Antoinette also owned a pug named Mops. She actually owned multiple pugs, so technically she had owned a grumble.

I, of course, know the downsides to owning a pug, although that will never stop me from loving my pug, Luna. However, their cute and iconic smooshed faces can sometimes cause breathing problems. Some pugs require surgery to enlarge their noses, and in a worst-case scenario, their lungs can collapse, causing immediate need for lung surgery. Keep in mind this is fairly rare if your pug maintains an appropriate weight. Pugs are extremely prone to obesity; they need their diets monitored very carefully, as they will eat pretty much anything you give them. Also, their cute bulging eyes, often referred to as “bug eyes”, are very prone to eye infections such as strawberry eye.

I would like to give credit to and for the information in this article. If this has proved anything to you, it should be that I love pugs. It’s opened my eyes to see that I love pugs even more than I thought I did, and that’s saying something. When you were reading this article I hope you thought of your own one love.


By: Ireland Rathbun

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