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EDITORIAL: “Oldest” Person Ever May Have Faked Her Age

Jeanne Calment, the French Woman who supposedly died at 122 in 1997, may have faked her age.

Russian researchers say that she was likely the 99-year-old daughter of the real Jeanne, Yvonne, who may have assumed her mother’s identity after her death to avoid paying the inheritance tax.

One piece of evidence includes an identity card that shows that Jeanne’s height and hair color greatly differed when they compared older and newer accounts of meeting her.

Also, according to the researchers, most of Jeanne Calment’s papers were destroyed instead of being committed to the archives in Arles, indicating that the family may have been hiding something.

In order to maintain a lie that large, Yvonne wouldn’t have been the only person who had to fib. Jeanne’s husband, Fernand, would have had to pretend that his daughter Yvonne was his wife.

Jeanne claimed that she owed her long life to chocolate. Children everywhere rejoiced because they now had an excuse to bombard their parents with requests for chocolate, claiming that it will make them live longer. Her claim is now doubted due to this research coming to light.

However, Jean-Marie Robine, the French scientist who confirmed Jeanne’s supposed 122-year age, claims that the research is all fake and based on false data.

“All of this is incredibly shaky and rests on nothing,” he said.

If Calment’s age is proven to be a fake, then Sarah Knauss, an American woman who died in 1999 at the age of 119, would hold the record for the longest-living person ever known.

By: Brig Larson

Photo Credits: Toodaloo

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