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OTHER:Taking Stock of 2019

The stock market may seem far from relevant to junior high kids, and you’re probably right. But if you learn about it now, this side of the economy may prove to be useful later. The stock market is a system of company owners selling pieces of their companies, called shares, to the general public. As the worth of the company goes up due to more attention from the general public, as does the price of the share, or shares, you bought. When this situation occurs, it is wise to wait to see if the price goes up more. If the price is in fact, at a peak, or a maximum high, then you should sell your share to gain profit from your piece of the company. When the company does bad, you lose money because the share price goes down. A pessimist would sell the stock with no hope for a better market later, but an optimist would hope that the company couldn’t get any worse and stick with their share until even their hope runs out. A realist would look at the history of the company, and decide from there. There is a lot of strategy used in buying and selling stocks, and some new information may excite many stock-buyers.

Magellan Gold Corporation focuses on the silver and gold market. The website predicts that this corporation will the the number one stock-to-have in 2019. This website claims, “It has an astounding capital structure, low float, and bargaining market caps, all of which we believe are leading towards sky-rocketing share price.” Although this could be complete rubbish information, risk and chance is what the stock market is all about.

There is strategy behind stocks along with guessing and experience. Magellan Gold Corporation has some some substantial math to backup their prediction of success. relays their preparation for this heavy forcast as such, “The Goldman sachs analyst team expects the precious metal to climb to (an outrageous) $1,425/oz in the following 12 months…” When first looking over this, $1,425/oz seemed crazy, then the likely hood of the price sunk in. If the Goldman analyst team is correct, your shares from that company will go up in price by a whole lot.

To sum up the numbers, Magellan Gold Corporation may be the best company to buy a share of in 2019.


By: Tessa Geigle

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