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POEM: Insecurity

When you stumble,

When you trip,

Do you hop back up?

Does a smile spring?

From what I’ve seen

Of this world,

Most people slump.

Most people cry.

Most people can’t overcome,

The shame.

The hurt.

The laughing faces.

They haunt your dreams.

They darken your light.

Insecurity is the thief of joy.

Don’t let your life become dictated by

What others think.

You are you.

Who are they to judge?

Let them be them.

But most importantly,

Let you be you.

So when you trip,

When you stumble,

Hop up, be brave.

Fight back against the shame.

What others say does not matter.

Their “advice” may seem essential,

To your social life.

Let me tell you a little secret:

The advice others give really isn’t essential.

It. Just. Isn’t.

There is only you and your family

That can give you the truth.

When you stumble,

When you trip,

Hop up!

And smile back at life.


By: Tessa Geigle

Photo Credits: Goluputtar.com

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