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CAREERS 4 KIDS- Pool Cleaning

So you want to save up for a video game or something else extremely necessary, but you are broke. You really want to buy it so you finally surrender to the idea that you’ll have to earn your money through some work. You consider a few jobs, and find one that suits your interest: pool cleaning.

Pool cleaning is a simple, paying job that can earn you lots of cash. An average, professional pool cleaner earns about $12 an hour, so that is a good goal to aim for or base your prices off. When you’ve learned how to properly clean a pool from a parent or guardian, you should first try advertising in your neighborhood. If a friend or neighbor wants to you to clean their pool, here are a few things to make sure you do it right:

  1. Ask if it’s alright with your parent or guardian.
  2.  Bring water, sunscreen, and maybe some snacks.
  3.  Bring spare supplies (if needed) like extra chlorine, a rag, and maybe a thermometer.

When you arrive at their house, the owner will usually tell you how they want it clean or other specific jobs they need done. If you want to do this career and would like to do the job right, you need to make sure you know how to actually clean a pool. For instance, how much chlorine or other ways to keep a pool sanitary. Even though you may really want the money, don’t ever walk into the houses of people you don’t know.

Next time you really need (or want) money, make sure and try pool cleaning. It’s a great way to make some spare change. Trust me, you will make POOLS of money. Have a  good semester and keep reading stories.


By: Avey Schulz

Photo Credits: Erik’s Aquatic Care

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