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OTHER ARTICLE – $100 Million From Fortnite

Although it has already began, around the world is a Fortnite tournament for any and all gamers. The winner will receive the grand prize of $100 million. The qualifying rounds will continue throughout most of 2019 and the game is played through everyone’s favorite game mode: Battle Royale.

The history of Fortnite began when Fortnite was waiting to be introduced in the ESports arena. Then, Epic Games revealed the plan for a international Fortnite championship with the $100 million prize pool. Everyone is allowed to participate. Epic Games said, “This is for you, the players.” This opportunity focuses on both Solos and Duos but there will be plenty of chances to play with your friends as squads. Out the more than 200+ million players, there can only be one winner. Only one player will earn the bragging right to say, “I won the Fortnite Championship.”

Fortnite creators made lots of money before the mobile version came out. They hope the game will encourage more to play. It’s safe to say that since Season 7 came out, Fortnite is here to stay. With players from all over the world, it makes it clear that this tournament with be massive. This is the first of possibly many Fortnite World Cups.

This action-filled, heart-pounding tournament could be a chance for you to show off your skills against millions of other players. You may be the lucky one to start off their year with a pocket full of $100 million. Best of luck to all gamers.


By: Avey Schulz

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