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You may have seen student teachers in your everyday classes, but have you ever gotten to know them? These adults are currently college students wanting to become teachers for junior high or high school classes. In Mr. Conway’s classroom there is a student teacher named Ms. Parris. Ms. Parris is attending Grand Canyon University to become an english teacher for junior high level or high school level. She wants to become a teacher to inspire and help students with many English related topics. She wants to help their minds expand in the exciting pursuit of english. Ms. Parris is from Arizona and enjoys Japanese food, Mexican food, and pizza. She likes numerous horror movies and many romantic-comedies. One of her favorite shows is the Bachelor. Ms. Parris spent four years living in Japan and I really enjoyed hearing about her time there. She said she liked the culture and the people. Also, the food was good. Ms. Parris is an awesome student teacher and if you have the chance to meet her, you won’t regret it. Hopefully we can show her why Greenfield is the best junior high. Stay alert for more profiles and have an amazing semester this year!


By: Avey Schulz

Photo Credits: Avey Shulz

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