EDITORIAL: Jackets vs Hoodies vs Sweatshirts

Usually, anything that can be worn over your shirt to keep you warm is called either a jacket, hoodie, or sweatshirt interchangeably. The problem is, all of those things are completely different.

A jacket, for example, is a covering that typically has a zipper, buttons, hooks, etc. for fastening. Meanwhile neither a sweatshirt nor a hoodie has any attachment device. Also, a jacket was modernized from a coat while the other two originated from a sweater.

Although a hoodie and jacket are from different clothing families, they are still related by looks. In fact, the hoodie is just a jacket except with a hood, no devices for attachment, and it’s made from different material. Speaking of hoods, a hoodie is the only one of the three that has one. Typically, sweatshirts and jackets will have collars instead of hoods.

Sweatshirts, a loose shirt, were created to be worn when exercising as an easy way to catch sweat, but have started to become more of a leisurewear shirt. Commonly paired with sweatpants, which were also designed to be worn when exercising, sweatshirts have become apart of an everyday outfit.

Normally hoodies and/or sweatshirts are provided by the company you work for, the school you go to, or the club you’re in because they are the easiest to put a logo on.

All three of these clothing options provide their wearer with warmth, comfort, and a sense of solitude. Generally, all are long sleeved unless changed by their owner.

I owe this information to where you can find articles on the differences between almost anything. Whether you’re wearing exercise clothing, a hooded jacket, or a buttoned jacket, I hope you have a great rest of this winter season.


By: Peyton Erb

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