CAREERS FOR KIDS: One Man’s Junk is Another Man’s Cash

Yard sales, rummage sales, garage sales; they are often underappreciated. Yet, they can come in handy if your house is getting cluttered or if you’re in need of some cash. A yard sale can be stressful and unrewarding if you don’t pull it off right, but thankfully has some helpful tips.


Before you begin, you have to pick a date and time for your sale. Typically, yard sales take place on Friday or Saturday mornings. This is because shoppers often have commitments later in the day, and also because weather is cooler in the morning. If possible, avoid having sales in the afternoon or during the summer as the heat will drive away your customers.

After your sale is set, grab a box and start going through rooms. Closets, attics, and garages are treasure troves for objects that haven’t been used in months. Even if you’re not sure that your junk will sell, put it in the box and carry it outside anyways. The worst case scenario is that something doesn’t sell.

You’ve got a date, and you’ve got some junk. Before setting up, advises you to check if your city requires you to have a permit for your yard sale, as many towns now do.


If you want to make some real money, then you are going to have to advertise. Your signs don’t need to be much, just big and bright. Make sure to include the words “Yard Sale” and your address or an arrow pointing to your house. Another suggestion from is to advertise online on sites like Craigslist or Yard Hopper.


Make sure you have everything you need for your yard sale at least a day in advance. Check that you have enough tables or surfaces to display your goods. You should have at least one chair and table for yourself set aside for making payments specifically, and having other chairs set out for customers is advisable. Another tip is to have change ready. It may surprise you, but you should have quarters handy as well as small bills.  

Sort your items, as it’s easier to price objects when they are grouped. It’s also easier for potential buyers, who will appreciate the organization. Label items’ prices with a strip of manila tape and a sharpie.

To reduce the stress on yourself, try to have everything set up the night before. Similar items should be grouped together in boxes or even laundry baskets, and clothes should be hung up on their racks.


Give yourself time, at least an hour, before the sale to finish all those last-minute tasks. Try to focus on the wads of cash you’re going to make if you are feeling discouraged or strained.

Working the crowd is essential to making money. Be friendly, not to pushy, and stay relaxed. You don’t need to haggle about prices right away, chances are many customers will pass through your sale and be willing to pay differently.

Afterwards, you will probably have leftovers. Small items can be donated to companies like Goodwill, and larger things can be sold on websites similar to Craigslist.

There you have it; everything you need to know to throw a yard sale, thanks to Even though you can’t make an entire career out of doing yard sales, you can still make a ton of cash. Good luck!


By: Becky Wood

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