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REVIEW- The Kid Who Would Be King Movie

The fantasy/action modern day remake of the classic fairytale, King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, was released January 25, 2019. The movie is about two hours long and has a 89% Rotten Tomatoes even though The Kid Who Would Be King totally deserves more.

As a big fan of the original story, I thought it was clever that they portrayed King Arthur as his long lost great grandchild. Also, all of the main cast members, including Merlin (sometimes), Sir Lancelot, Sir Bedevere, and Sir Kay (actually played by female actress, Rhianna Dorris), are all played as kids. In attempts to further modernize the film, after Alex (the King Arthur character) finds a sword, he and his friend Bedders ( a.k.a. Sir Bedevere) search up what a strange etching on the sword means in google translate. We are also transported into the future with a touch of teleportation in the movie. Lastly, Alex and his friends must battle with the past (both literally and not) throughout the whole movie but, I won’t spoil anything with too many details.

To help preserve some of the especially fun elements of the original story, a favorite character appears twice. The Lady of the Lake -and bathtub- rises out of the water to both catch and return Excalibur. Sadly, we are only shown her magnificent, green hand as it pops out of the water at “King” Alex’s command. Another aspect that was kept was the classic round table. As you may have seen in some of the trailers, there’s a scene where Alex says,“Quick Bedders, lift up the flaps!” He had to say this in order to make the table a circle so he and his knights could have a meeting.

To summarize, the movie The Kid Who Would Be King is absolutely brilliant and deserves high ratings. If you’re also a fan of the book King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, or if you’re not, than you would enjoy this movie. Hope you go see the movie and I’ll meet you at Alex’s hosted knight training camp.


By: Peyton Erb

Photo Credits: IMDb

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