An Ocean Dream

One February morning, I looked out at the ocean. The cool breeze blew through my hair and the water lapped around my feet. I took a deep breath of salty air and smiled. Florida was indeed my home. Out in the distance I saw something coming closer towards shore. What once was a speck on the horizon, was now a large killer whale speeding to shore. I quickly jumped out of the water and stared at the animal. The black and white creature stopped and sat in the water about a few hundred meters away. I knew it would be dangerous to swim out to it, but I wondered if the great creature was stuck. I slowly ventured into the ocean until I thought I was a safe distance away.

“Nice whale,” I said calmly as I was treading water, “are you stuck?” Forgetting that an orca could not speak, I decided I would tell the lifeguards later that day. I started to stroke back to the beach when I suddenly heard splashing from behind. I slowly glanced behind me and saw the whale closer. I started to make a break for the shore and swam as fast as I could while the killer whale still continued to follow me. Then, I felt the animal use its teeth to grab my foot. The orca started to pull me underwater. I clawed toward the surface and started to quickly lose oxygen. Then, the ocean mammal let me go. I hurried away as my lungs seemed about to burst. Finally, I broke the surface and took a breath of fresh air. I floated in the water, kicking my legs, weak from exhaustion. I tried to spot the orca, but I couldn’t find it. The sun was higher and I figured that I had been in the water for at least an hour. I began to slowly swim to the shore when I felt something rubbery underneath me. Then, I saw the black dorsal fin. I kicked my legs harder and swung my arms quicker in an effort to get away. The killer whale suddenly swam in front of me and blocked the shore.

“Stop!” I heard a voice yell. I looked around for a minute trying to see who could’ve said it.

“It’s me, the orca,” the voice said again.

I looked at the whale and hoarsely whispered, “Uh, hi?”

“Hi,” the whale replied. “Look, I’m sorry that I almost drowned you, but I saw a shark that did not have good intentions. Over in the distance, you can barely see its fin.”

“But-” I began, seeing the shark and the talking whale. I started to feel faint as I repeated. “But how can I t-talk to you?”

“I’m not sure,” the killer whale replied, “but I think it’s better if I wait for you to reach the beach.” I nodded, almost positive this was a dream. As soon as I got on the sand, I started to hear a loud beeping coming from somewhere.



I woke up and glanced at my alarm. I sighed and got ready for school. “It was just a dream,” I told myself as I started to walk to Junior High. As I passed the beach near my school, I saw a large, black dorsal fin sitting in the water.


By: Avey Schulz

Photo Credits: creativehobby.store 

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