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Waffles or Pancakes? A Hot Debate

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. Some kids may eat cereal or eggs, but waffles and pancakes are certainly two of the best. Yet which is better, pancakes or waffles?

I personally enjoy waffles more with their savory crunch that a pancake may only get by being burnt. Waffles are more filling and are more delicious than any other food. A waffle’s lines are, more than just for show. They can help when cutting it up. Even though waffles may be better, some students agree and disagree.

Adalyn Saline (8) said, “I like pancakes better because they are soft and fluffy. In my opinion, they’re even better than Eggo waffles.”

However, Kash Cullimore (7) commented, “I like waffles because they have squares. The perfect squares are essential to toppings like berries, whip cream, and syrup. And it’s fun when you make the waffle look like a castle.”

Likewise, Kylie Jamison (7) explained, “I think waffles are better because, well, they have dents.”
Eighth grader, Tyler Judd, said, “Waffles are better, because they’re just better. More flavor and more tasty.”

The crowd-pleaser seems to be waffles and it’s pretty clear. Waffles may be better, but aren’t waffles and pancakes the same thing? Yes, both pancakes and waffles are made of eggs, flour, and leavening – like baking soda or yeast – however, waffles contain more sugar. This is one of the many differences between a delectable waffle and an average pancake. Aside from the facts, the question still stands: which is better, pancakes or waffles?

Although I’m on the waffle side, you can comment below which one you think is better. Or should I say batter?


By: Avey Schulz

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